Creating A Relapse Prevention Plan

If you are a planner, you might have already considered creating a relapse prevention plan. But if you are not, let us introduce you to the idea of one.

It is best to start out any new journey with a plan. This will help you have a clear idea of what your goals are, why you are doing what you are doing, and a backup plan in case something does not go the way you planned for it to go.

A relapse prevention plan not only gives you a physical tool for when it comes to addiction recovery, but it can also help get you in the mental mindset to start your new journey and to be successful. Let’s just be real for a moment – addiction recovery can seem exhilarating at first and the adrenaline involved with a fresh start can be enough push to get you going. However, that fresh feeling can wear off. This is where you prevention plan can come into action.

Every success story begins with a plan of action.

First, start by taking a moment to think about what your triggers are. This will be important in helping you understand what you might need to avoid and also helping you narrow down what it is that caused you to feel the need to relapse, should that scenario occur. You will also likely need a plan of action for each individual trigger on your list.

Second, you need to narrow down the feelings associated with those triggers. Do they make you feel anxious, sad, angry? Knowing how those things make you feel can also help you determine what the best final plan of action will be to fight off those triggers.

Lastly, you need to think of a plan of action to combat those triggers. You need to consider the trigger, how you feel and what is something that would be impactful enough to combat the trigger.

There is no set prevention plan that fits everyone – it is not a cookie cutter type deal. This is something that is unique to each individual, to each recovering addict. It is something you will need to put some thought into. However, it is a vital aspect of your recovery and a tool that could really make or break your sobriety record for you.

What does your prevention plan look like? Did you pull ideas from other people? Did you find something unique that you think is interesting? Do share!


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