Partying Without Taking Drugs

One of the main things that comes with overcoming an addiction is the changes in your lifestyle. Addiction is often associated with the people you hang out with and the things you do. So when it comes to getting clean, you might feel like you can no longer have fun because you can no longer do the things you are used to doing.

While you should stay away from things that might be tempting and areas where your previous addiction might be present, there are alternative ways to have fun. Believe it or not, you can still party without taking drugs.

Who says that drugs and alcohol have to be involved to have fun? Here are a few other things you could do instead:

  1. Have a movie-watching party.Rather it is a new movie hitting the big screen that you have been waiting to see or a show series you have been dying to binge watch, you could turn it into a fun get-together.

    Grab some friends, some popcorn and your pajamas and make it a party! This is a great way to relax, laugh, hangout with friends and have an overall good time all while remaining sober.

  2. Do a painting class.There are plenty of organized group party options that you wouldn’t have to put on that also don’t involve drugs or alcohol. Something such as a painting class is an organized hangout that is productive, relaxing, fun and safe.

    This is a great way to get everyone together and maybe even pick up a new hobby! Plus, painting is a healthy hobby to develop post-addiction recovery.

  3. Keep it clean.Sometimes though, we understand you just want to hang out. Maybe you just want to have a BBQ with some friends, hang out in the backyard and talk about the good ‘ole day. Well, guess what? You can still do this, too.

    While you might have to modify some things after you recover from an addiction, it is worth it. Find great virgin drinks to make instead. It could be something like a virgin pina colada or even something as simple as lemonade.

Just because you are staying away from drugs and alcohol does not mean suddenly everything has to be bland and boring. There are several healthy alternatives, and real friends should understand and be willing to make accommodations to keep things in line with your new lifestyle.

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